A House Much More Than Welcoming

Today we will discuss social and home environments which favor it the living room and the kitchen. Because here that the family lives their daily lives not only meals, but also relaxation, homework, work, and the moments with friends. It is therefore important to be able to organize the various areas, so that they can be comfortable and flexible when necessary. Like the project that we will discover together in this Book of Ideas, edited by the Portuguese study ANGELA PINHEIRO HOME DESIGN a living room with kitchen, which combines traditional materials with modern elements to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, full of personality.

The kitchen

The kitchen is developed L along the walls and is characterized by the presence of large closets and shelves to keep everything in as well as a large table in the center, also perfect as a work surface. Even the light is not lacking in this area, lit from the window directly beneath the basin.

A glance of the whole

Here is an overview of the living while living together in the same room, kitchen and living room are different in style, making it immediately obvious separation of spaces. In the spacious kitchen equipped with modern appliances, in fact it dominates the walnut tree, a type of very elegant wood, which creates a contrast to great effect with granite countertop.

The livingroom

This area is dominated by a certain elegance. It is a comfortable living room, where modern lines and severe the coffee table and the TV console port provides the perfect contrast with the lightness of elements of elements such as the Eames chair or table beside the green.

Make it stand out the plants with the lights

Match plants to the lights, maybe hot, such as those of the picture, requires a bit ‘more than a priori study, but the result will leave your guests in awe!

Creates a small vertical garden, it will be very chic

Another highly spectacular solution is to use the wall pot holders, perhaps numerous and arranged so well studied. In this case a geometric shape has been chosen for the containers, which is repeated in the pattern that fills the wall. An idea very modern and sophisticated!

The details

The details, you know, can greatly help to create the atmosphere of a room. In this kitchen, in particular, the glass containers of various shapes and sizes leaning on the counter, as well as being of great use for food storage, add a delicate touch of romance. There are little things that, besides being very useful function perfectly in the image of space. Of great aesthetic impact the jars of clay with small evergreen, perfect to give a fresh touch of color!

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